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Compare 768+ Vacation Rentals In Denver, CO. Save 75% Off Today Built as a replacement for Stapleton Airport, near Denver, in 1995, DIA has always had its share of nefarious conspiracy theories about it. From the beginning, Coloradoans have theorized about the.. Monday 26 June 2017 12:28 Even before the current Denver International Airport opened in 1995, even when it was a mere blueprint, it was the subject of countless conspiracy theories. To this day,..

When Denver International Airport openedon Feb. 28, 1995, construction had fallen 16 months behind schedule, and $2 billion over budget. The final costof the Denver airport was $4.8 billion, which.. So begins my dive into the dystopian world of Denver International Airport conspiracy theories, a quest that will ultimately bring me into contact with some of the people responsible for sparking.. Conspiracy: Bunkers beneath the airport are home to lizard people, aliens and the Illuminati One of the most well-known conspiracies revolving around the Denver airport is its underground tunnels.. Denver International Airport (DIA, also known by its IATA code DEN or ICAO code KDEN) has accreted a collection of conspiracy theories. These theories most commonly claim that DIA is a new, secret (?) headquarters or compound used by the Illuminati, New World Order, Neo-Nazis, or Reptoids

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  1. Conspiracy theories about Denver International Airport have soared for more than two decades, owing to the airport's mix of bold public art, unusual architecture, infamous construction problems and..
  2. *Note: I'm not a conspiracy guy in any way, I fancy myself as more of a beer drinker, so take this post more in the spirit of WTF than an accusation. But anybody who has flown through Denver Airport will tell you this place is a few fries short of a Happy Meal. Let's start at the beginning. Denver Airport was commissioned in 1989 at a cost of 1.7 billion dollars. The airport was finished.
  3. The Denver International Airport has proven to be fertile ground for conspiracy theories, but the above-displayed image has little to do with the Mile High City. This image shows a modern day.

Der Denver International Airport (IATA: DEN, ICAO KDEN, kurz DIA) ist ein internationaler Verkehrsflughafen knapp 40 Kilometer nordöstlich der Innenstadt von Denver, Colorado, in den USA.Er ist, gemessen an der Grundfläche, nach dem Flughafen Dammam der zweitgrößte Flughafen weltweit und, gemessen am Verkehrsaufkommen, der fünftgrößte US-Flughafen nach Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago-O. The biggest cause for belief in a conspiracy at Denver Airport surrounds the rumored bunkers hidden beneath it. This blueprint depicts five buildings from the initial construction site that officials later claimed were incorrectly placed. But instead of being demolished, like wold normally be done, they were buried beneath the airport An Internet search for Denver airport conspiracy reveals that there is a lot of talk about this, and that the specific claims and observations are numerous. Here's an overview of the basics. According to the conspiracy theorists, Denver already had a fine airport, Stapleton International Conspiracy #1: Denver Airport constructed by the New World Order? This theory states that the New World Order authorities built the Denver International Airport. There is a dedication marker that credits an organisation called The New World Airport Commission for constructing DIA Denver International Airport is the largest airport in the U.S. by total area, located in Denver, Colorado. Its presentation of plaques, murals and sculptures makes it a hotbed for conspiracy theories

In our exclusive, co-host Jeff Schroeder goes underneath Denver International Airport (DIA) to find out the truth behind the rumors of secret bunkers, aliens.. Since construction of Denver International Airport (DIA) was finished in 1995, the newest airport in the United States since the 1970's, there have been innumerable conspiracy theories surrounding it

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Denver International Airport is one of the more recognizable airports to visit in the United States, with its peaked roof designed to look like the snow-capped Rocky Mountains.It's also one of the more fascinating airports, with a slew of conspiracy theories surrounding its unique art, architecture, and construction that have fueled the imaginations of airport visitors and internet bloggers. The Conspiracy: The Denver Airport Is an Underground Hideout for the World's Elite. Perhaps the most common conspiracy theories at DIA surround the underground tunnels. There's a lot to unpack here, but some of the rumors floating around have included that the tunnels are a hideout for the global elite in the event of an apocalypse. Or, alternatively, that the New World Order command. Denver Airport Murals. The Denver International Airport has four murals, all of which have been the topic of conspiracy theorists and debate. The murals are very ambiguous in meaning, depicting scenes including caged animals, fires, suffering people, and a soldier with a blade and a gas mask. They have been interpreted in the past by onlookers to represent war, hope, and even the New World. We recently caught wind of the conspiracy theories surrounding The Denver International Airport. Since we have passed through the airport countless times on ski trips to Colorado as well as to catch connections to destinations up and down the Rockies, the conspiracy tickled our interest Denver's airport pokes fun at conspiracy theories. Walls are hiding construction, not lizard people. Walls are hiding construction, not lizard people. David Williams, CNN • Updated 7th September.

The darkest conspiracy theories about Denver's bizarre airport

  1. ati plans for the New World Order, but first, let's talk about the horse. Most visitors to the Denver Airport are greeted by The Blue Mustang, or Blucifer as he's been dubbed, which is a 32.
  2. How Denver International Airport uses its many conspiracy theories to get millions of dollars of free marketing and advertising
  3. al, designed by Fentress Bradburn Architects and completed in 1995, is striking, cutting a serrated line in the sky, a.
  4. When viewed from above, the runways of Denver Airport seem to resemble a swastika, albeit a messy one—which is why we highlighted the general shape in purple. Conspiracy theorists often ignore.
  5. ati members to gather and spread around the world. Here are all the reasons as to why the airport has garnered.
  6. Photo courtesy of Denver International Airport. Conspiracy theory: 'Blucifer' symbolizes the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse — Death . Price: Blue Mustang has perhaps done more than any other feature at DIA to fire up conspiracy theories and rumors of occult practices. Admittedly, the origin story of the 32-foot, 9,000-pound sculpture with glowing red eyes (now known universally.

The Denver airport is not just a random airport anymore, for this important location has now been transformed into the epicenter of apocalyptic beginnings. That's right, the Denver airport has been shrouded in a thick cloak of mystery which accuses it for being a site for Illuminati members to gather and spread around the world We've seen artwork at airports but Denver's airport takes it to a completely different level. There is a 32-foot fiberglass sculpture of a horse located on airport grounds, officially it is called the Blue Mustang and is another focal point of conspiracy theories surrounding the airport. It's a giant ominous horse with glowing red eyes, it's not hard to imagine why. Many say that it is. The Denver Airport Is a Conspiracy Theory Magnet Conspiracy theories began as soon as Denver decided to replace the overburdened Stapleton airport (SIA) in 1989. The choice of a massive and remote piece of land for the new airport encouraged questions about what they were hiding. It is the second largest airport in the world by area Conspiracy theories about Denver International Airport have soared for more than two decades, owing to the airport's mix of bold public art, unusual architecture, infamous construction problems and an internet-fueled cycle of self-feeding paranoia If you believe the Denver Airport conspiracy that is. Denver International Airport (DIA) is seen by conspiracy theorists as a gigantic base full of open-air prisons and massive underground..

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The airport is also known for the massive network of underground tunnels and a group of conspiracy theorists has come to believe that the main aim for the construction of this airport was to prepare hiding bunkers for the 'Global Elite' which included world leaders, rich businessmen, celebrities and famous personalities in case of some sort of disaster of Apocalypse When viewed from above, the runways of Denver Airport seem to resemble a swastika, albeit a messy one—which is why we highlighted the general shape in purple. Conspiracy theorists often ignore the.. 5 Conspiracy Theories Surrounding the Denver Airport. BY Kate Erbland. February 8, 2016. Michael Smith/Getty Images. On February 28, 1995, the Denver International Airport opened its doors and its. The thing that most intrigues conspiracy theorists about Denver International Airport is the presence of five bunker type buildings below the airport. Blueprints exist of these five buildings that were buried at the beginning of DIA construction Sure enough, if you go to YouTube and type in Denver airport conspiracy theory you'll find legions of terrified white men spelunking through the linoleum halls, trying to catch the intelligentsia..

Denver International Airport hätte eigentlich zwei Jahre früher fertig sein sollen, und seine Baukosten von 4,8 Milliarden Dollar überstiegen die geplanten 1,7 Milliarden erheblich. Soweit nichts Ungewöhnliches. Wer ist The New World Airport Commission? Ungewöhnlich ist, dass der neue Flughafen von Beginn an im Zentrum zahlreicher Verschwörungstheorien stand. Dafür sorgte allein. Atlanta's airport is busy and Chicago's is messy and New York's is fragrant, but Denver's airport is a truly singular nightmare vision, from the ghoulish murals to the rumors of secret subterranean.. The Denver International Airport sees over forty million passengers every year and is listed as the fifth busiest airport in America. From its opening in 1995 conspiracy theorists have not been able to leave the subject of the Denver International Airport alone. They believe that the complex is the headquarters and hub of the New World Order Denver International Airport is making a public display out of its darkest and deepest supposed secrets. In large new signs plastered around the main terminal, the airport authority gives props to

Since construction began, the Denver International Airport has been plagued by sinister rumors and eerie conspiracy theories. Care to step inside DENVER — To its credit, Denver International Airport has had a good sense of humor about the conspiracy theories that have plagued it over its 25-year history Denver's public art officials may be knowingly fomenting the conspiracy theories surrounding the airport by filling its concourses with works that are so anomalous; DIA senior public information.. The Denver Post has a guide to the most popular conspiracy theories about Denver International Airport, including literal gargoyles hanging out in the baggage claim, Nazi-shaped runways with some. A photo of the dedication stone at Denver international airport, featured in an exhibition about conspiracy theories related to the airport. Photograph: Denver International Airport

Perhaps one of the most closely scrutinized alleged military bases around the world is the one said to sit underneath the new Denver International Airport (DIA). The new complex has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories before a plane had even departed from one its runways - and it is easy to see why The Denver Airport conspiracy theory refers to a collection of theories surrounding Denver International Airport (DIA) that most commonly claim the airport to be a new, secret headquarters or compound used by the Illuminati, New World Order, Neo-Nazis, or Reptoids In 2016, David Icke, a conspiracy theorist with over 325,000 Twitter followers and more than a dozen books to his credit, wrote on his website the airport is literally a New-Age cathedral, full. No airport in the world has been the subject of such persistent conspiracy theories as Denver International, which celebrates its 20th birthday today. Soon after the first flight - United's service.. Denver International Airport was built during the administrations of Denver's first Hispanic mayor, Federico Peña, as well as Denver's first African American mayor, Wellington Webb, both of whom are said to have made an effort to hire minority workers and immigrants to work on the project, implying that this idea of promoting cultural diversity also likely extended to artwork selection.

By definition, a conspiracy is organized, cooperative, and working towards a direct goal. If anybody in Denver is attempting this, they're failing, because the overwhelming impression we get of the activity there is muddled chaos. This doesn't rule out the possibility of conspiracies, only the prowess of the perpetrators. At 53 square miles, Denver International is the largest US airport. After reading this conspiracy about Denver airport and freemason, I realize that we could always find some evidence to show the correlation between two things. However, this kind of correlations are often farfetched and obscure. The secret of conspiracy believers is to regard many correlations as causations. In this case, they interpret the unique indoor decoration of the airport as a.

Denver International Airport: ИАТА: DEN - ИКАО: KDEN: Информация; Вид аэродрома: гражданский: Страна: США: Расположение: Северо-восточный Денвер, Колорадо: Дата открытия: 28 февраля 1995: Высота НУМ +1655 м: Площадь: 13 727 га; Время работы: кругл Der mysteriöse Hakenkreuz-Freimaurer-Flughafen von Denver. Der Flughafen von Denver steht im Zentrum von dutzenden Verschwörungstheorien, die im Netz kursieren. 28. Dezember 2016, 10:38 312 Posting This guy has a more pragmatic take on the Denver airport conspiracy. Clearly, the airport is designed to force you to wait in a really long security line. Luckily, our hero shows you a secret.. Denver Airport Conspiracy Murals. The Denver airport murals contain a variety of symbols and graphics that are rather peculiar. For example, there is one mural which depicts images of a dystopian world (complete with a soldier dawning a gas mask who happens to be shooting down a dove of peace). This mural also features children buried in coffins, while above ground a solar fire fills the.

Denver airport, home to disturbing art and a killer horse statue, has installed a gargoyle that interacts with guests—and it isn't helping to dispel conspiracy theories Denver Airport's conspiracy that the New World Order are preparing the bunker for use during an apocalypse remains one of the most likely conspiracy theories of the modern age to hold water, with so much to back up the claims that foul play, elitism and ulterior motives were behind the airport's seemingly unnecessary construction. Background Song: Sidestep by AeronMusic. Denver. The Denver Airport conspiracy was the first and only time I came home with one he hadn't already researched. We sat together watching the ten minute YouTube video complete with anxiety-producing music and terrifying photos. Four years later, as I boarded a plane to Denver for a work conference I could still clearly remember the images of the murals from the video. Although I stopped. Every day, thousands of people at Denver International Airport walk over it as they're trying to catch their flights, and they have no idea what's right under their feet

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The Denver Airport Conspiracy is just something so big, that it's hard to wrap your brain around it and take it seriously. If there is a secret organisation of filthy rich, lizard people plotting to rule the world then why would they ridicule themselves by leaving such obvious clues in one of the busiest places on earth? It pretty much defeats the purpose of being secret. However, anyone who. Came across this Facebook album devoted to Leo Tanguma, the artist behind the four murals at Denver Airport that has been the basis of so much conspiracy theorizing.The FB page that created it is titled Conspiracy Theories & The Illuminati (devoted to Alex Jones, natch).. Some of the DIA mural images the page presents are incorrectly attributed to Tanguma

People will say you're a conspiracy theorist if you start talking about a Denver International Airport agenda. However, as the dust continues to settle around the coronavirus situation, it becomes more and more impossible to talk about conspiracy theories. Everyone sees the conspiracy. It isn't a theory. This was a massive hoax designed to take away everyone's freedoms, and. Built in the mid-1990s, Denver International Airport has inspired its own sinister mythology. Conspiracy theorists point to an array of evidence suggesting the airport is actually one of the headquarters of the secret rulers of the world

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Denver International Airport Conspiracy. September 13, 2011. 3157. Denver had a completely functioning airport called Stapleton but it was shut down soon as this 'new' airport was opened. The new airport has no significant advances to airport trafficking. The budget was 1.7 billion dollars for the new Denver Airport. But after it was all said and done it was 3.1 billion dollars over budget. Aug 6, 2012 - ShareTweetEmailAn apocalyptic horse with glowing red eyes welcoming visitors? Check. Nightmarish murals? Check. Strange words and symbols embedded in the floor? Check. Gargoyles sitting in suitcases? Check. Runways shaped like a N--i swastika? Check. OK, this place is evil. But seriously, there are so many irregularit The Denver airport rail has six stops between the airport and Denver Union Station. The 23-mile ride takes approximately 37 minutes. From Denver Union Station, travelers can access additional local and regional transportation. The Westin Denver International Airport Hotel provides easy access to the train. DAILY SCHEDULE FROM UNION STATION . 3:15 a.m.-4:15 a.m. every 30 minutes 4:15 a.m.-6.

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1,000s Of Vacation Rentals In Denver, CO. Book Today And Save Up To 75 The Denver International Airport (DIA or IATA: DEN) isn't your typical airport. At 33,531 acres, it is the largest airport in the US (by total land area). It is also the sixth busiest airport in the US and one of its runways, 16R/34L, holds the record for longest public use runway in the United States. Located in northeastern Denver, this airport was voted Best Airport in North America fo There have been conspiracy theories surrounding Denver International Airport even since it was completed in February 1995. A new video posted on SecureTeam10 by Tyler Glockner lifts the lid on the.

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The Denver Airport Conspiracy - A Secret New World Order Bunker? [Conspiracy Cases] October 13, 2020 TGNC New World Order 0. AD. The Denver Airport Conspiracy from the massive network of underground tunnels to the creepy murals in one of the terminals; the infamous airport is certainly source New World Order... Blucifer; Conspiracy Cases; conspiracy theory; denver airport; Denver Int Just take a look at these unsettling facts surrounding the infamous Denver International Airport Conspiracy and decide for yourself 1. People have long considered why the Denver International Airport was built in the first place. With the Stapleton Airport already nearby, such an expensive and lengthy project seemed unnecessary. Instead, theorists believe it was a ploy to cover up a larger.

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DENVER -- Grab a roll of tin foil and a bowl of popcorn; it's time to dig into the rich conspiracy theories some believe about the Denver International Airport The Denver International Airport Conspiracy Theory; There are a number of odd facts around the design and construction of the airport to say the least. The theory is that the airport hides the headquarters of the New World Order. The New World Order is a group of highly influential people around the world who control the banks, military and governments of the world. Their aim is said to be to. Denver resident and native-born here. I was a kid when construction began. I flew out of Stapleton and my mom grew up near that airport. I remember discussions between my mom and grandmother about why they were building a new airport so far away when Stapleton was just fine. Then, I remember it not being done when it was supposed to be, 9news.

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The Denver International Airport Conspiracy Friday, March 30, 2012 . Lauren, good job narrating your process and including many interesting sources. In moving toward a claim I think two things have to happen: 1) I completely agree with John, who said, Maybe just focus a little more on the origins of these misconceptions than whether or not they are true. You will not be able to make an. The crux of the Denver Airport Conspiracy is that the airport was built atop secret underground bunkers meant to house the world's elite in the instance of some sort of global disaster, natural or otherwise. The story is that Denver had a perfectly functional, higher capacity airport closer to the city, and that this new airport was built in 1995 to distract from the real construction going. Being a Denver native, I know that something is going on at DIA and though I don't want to sound like the crazy conspiracy theorist that I probably am, Denver International Airport will definitely hold some significance in the next few years with the New World and all Creepy things they aren't telling us for sure #parnoi The Denver International Airport Conspiracy Friday, March 9, 2012 #2 - Flooring Although imported tile does not seem to have much significance to the flyers passing through the airport, they claim it helps with the flow of people. The company who completed the tile in Denver International was a company called Colorado Design Inc. They are notorious for not only the tile at DIA, but also the.

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Denver International Airport has long been the subject of wild conspiracy theories. Now it's getting in on the act with jokes about its new project Isreali firm chosen for high-tech surveilance at Denver Airport; The United States of Conspiracy explained; Denver Airport first in list of Potential Illuminati Headquarters CIA, DIA, underground base; Huge video towers installed in DIA great hall; Re: Underground photos, secrets and audacity; Video: The Coonerific One (Khalil Amani. Denver International Airport. Airports can be soulless, boring places at the best of times, as anyone who has been delayed for hours on end will testify. However, the same cannot be said of Denver International Airport (DIA). Denver International Airport is located around 30 miles outside of the city of Denver, Colorado. To the casual observer. Denver International Airport conspiracy theories give the airport a boost For Christopher Garcia-Hendrix, who has watched countless travelers move through Denver International Airport over the last five years, the power of conspiracy theories is real The Denver International Airport Conspiracy All below is a part of Denver Airport Paintings Collection Gallery. This digital photography of Denver International Airport Conspiracy All has dimension 1280 × 960 pixels. You can see a gallery of Denver Airport Paintings below. And if you think that this image are interested to share with your friends, don't hesitate to share it on your Social.

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Plenty of ghostly claims and conspiracy theories have been floated about Denver International Airport over the years. We share them just in time for Halloween at Westword.com Now, I'm no stranger to all those conspiracy theories about the place. In fact, being the greenhead, I've been subjected to all sorts of spooky tales told to me by patrons of the airport and coworkers alike. I've heard about Blucifer, the enormous bright blue demon horse statue that killed its creator, how it signifies the coming of the End Times, and that its hot red eyes glow deep. Today, dozens of websites are devoted to the Denver Airport Conspiracy, and theorists have even nicknamed the place Area 52. Wikipedia presents DIA as a primary example of New World Order.

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Denver International Airport is trolling travelers with construction advertisements that address all those creepy airport conspiracy theories Even before the current Denver International Airport opened in 1995, even when it was a mere blueprint, it was the subject of countless conspiracy theories. To this day, the notoriously bizarre airport is shrouded in secrecy, riddled with weird statues and creepy art, and abounding in myths. There are some crazy conspiracy theories surrounding the [ Denver International Airport is fully embracing all those conspiracy theories with a new gargoyle prank designed to spook travelers

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The art inside the airport has long been the subject of speculation by conspiracy theorists, most notably the Denver airport conspiracy murals. Not too far from the baggage claim and our location for van rentals in the Denver airport, you can find a pair of murals. These murals, painted by artist Leo Tanguma, depict scenes of war and peace between people and nature. The first mural by Tanguma. How Denver Airport is Trolling Conspiracy Theory Nuts HARD. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Flipboard. Reddit. Add to Favorites. By Adam Wears · September 10, 2018; If you asked your crazy conspiracy theorist uncle to list the places where shady business is definitely afoot, he'd probably say Area 51, HAARP, Congress, and -- hilariously and somewhat inexplicably -- Denver International Airport. These are general conspiracy theories about Denver International Airport that are not included in the movie below. The phrase DZIT DIT GAII appears on the floor, it is German and proves a Nazi connection! Some people say it's German or that it stands for black sun which is supposedly another name for the swastika. Neither is true. The phrase is Navajo and means White Mountain, there are. In a recent episode of his new cable show, Conspiracy Theory, former pro-wrestler-turned-Hollywood-turned-governor-turned-whatever Jesse Ventura gave significant airtime to the mother of all underground bases, Denver International Airport. Ventura hits on nearly all the popular themes of the DIA Conspiracy, including the Tanguma murals, the New World Airport Commission and apparent.

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The Denver Airport terminal is among the most interesting flight terminals, with it's conspiracy theories, the Denver airport conspiracy theories, boasting its own one-of-a-kind art. The design of this building & construction, has fed the creative imagination of guests, as well as World wide web blog writers equally The Denver International Airport has been the subject of speculation and intrigue ever since it's opening in 1995. Tales of incredible excavations and underground installations that belie a massive underground base and dark hidden secret. A range of terrifying decorative features did nothing to quell the conspiracy theories and only served to focus the finger of suspicion and add to the. TDC Note - I believe most, if not all, the murals at Denver International Airport have been removed. by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline Over the years there have been a large number of conspiracy theories regarding the Denver International Airport, from the odd and creepy one world and genocide murals to the underground space many believe house bunkers and tunnel systems, to the theory. Denver opened a new airport in 1994 that is a source of massive conspiracy. Let's count the reasons with counterpoints for all. Point: So Denver already had an airport but they decided to build a new one a solid 25 miles from downtown, what was at the time the middle of nowhere. The one nearer to town was fully functional and could have been. Since opening its doors in the mid-1990s, theories regarding Denver International Airport have been making the rounds, including the possibility of runways being laid out like swastikas, hidden Templar markings in the terminals, and other seemingly far-fetched proposals. One of the most popular conspiracy theories of all, however, may be the alleged underground tunnels for the protection of.

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